Foal Venues ~ Invest and Build Value in Your Foal

Whether you have bred or purchased offspring by Caribbean Touchdown AQHA/APHA/PHBA, DGS IndyGo (Deceased), DGS Replicated, DGS TheEntertainer AQHA/APHA, DGS Vintage, HBF Iron Man AQHA/APHA (Deceased), Indian Artifacts (Deceased), Invite The Artist or PR Tells A Tale; as a lifelong equine partner, or, your goals are to commerically market their offspring, you will find that DeGraff Stables at the website is dedicated to provide each horse with enhanced value for the owner.

Foal Venues: Caribbean TouchdownFoal Venues: DGS Vintage
Foal Venues: DGS IndyGoFoal Venues: HBF Iron Man
Foal Venues: DGS ReplicatedFoal Venues: Indian Artifacts
Foal Venues: DGS VestasticFoal Venues: Invite The Artist

Each of these stallions has been enrolled in various programs to benefit ownership through competition. As an owner or breeder, your investment of nominating your horse into the various programs available to it puts him/her into the running for incentive dollars and prizes. Additionally, your support, in combination with the stallion’s nomination fees, provides our industry with year-end showcases, prizes and funds to reward the offspring as shown by their owners.

In this section, you will find a webpage identifying the specific programs that the stallions are enrolled in. In addition, we have added pages that provide many handy links for information regarding;breed registrationincentive funds, trust programsshow award programs, futurities and these pages contain links to handy forms and websites.