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DeGraff Stables is proud to participate in many of the Futurity and Stallion Service Auctions that take place around the country. While we realize that we cannot support each and every program, we have subscribed our stallions to many of the programs in support of our offspring and encourage you to take advantage of the breeding fee discounts that are available to our stallions; CARIBBEAN TOUCHDOWN (AQHA/APHA/PHBA), DGS REPLICATED, DGS THEENTERTAINER (AQHA/APHA), DGS VINTAGE, or INVITE THE ARTIST.

We invite you to contact the Breeders Futurities (see below) and find out details regarding their Futurity and/or Stallion Service Auction (SSA), or, contact us, we will be happy to reserve an available breeding. Your purchase of our donated breeding helps provide venues for the resulting foals to show!

Terms and Conditions
for Purchasing a Futurity Breeding

Please read carefully!

Almost every futurity has different terms for sale of the breeding for their association. All require a breeding fee paid to the Association and costs of the breeding paid to the farm where the stallion stands. Please take time to find out exactly what to expect in costs. When we submit a breeding fee for one of our stallions; CARIBBEAN TOUCHDOWN, DGS REPLICATED, DGS THE ENTERTAINER or INVITE THE ARTIST, we subtract from his published fee the inherent costs that make up his breeding fee, such as the booking fee portion and the first collection-shipment portion of the breeding fee. The Futurity Breeding Purchaser will owe a Chute or Booking Fee and be responsible for shipping fees as in effect at the time of shipment payable to DeGraff Stables. These amounts however, have been deducted from the published fee provided to the Futurity Association, then the calculation by the Association as to the percent of the stud fee plus any office charges that may apply is figured; resulting in your amount to pay the association. Shipping and chute-booking fees are paid separate to DeGraff Stables. All in all, this results in lower costs to the mare owner for the breeding.  DeGraff Stables is pleased to provide the mare owner with a substantial discount for their breeding donation that supports the association and promotes the foals of our stallions.