Warmblood Offspring

The process of judging and inspecting sport horses and sport horse breeding stock is more than skin deep and is beyond a beauty contest. It is clearly an opportunity for responsible breeders to improve future generations of the breed. The Foal/Youngstock Inspection has four stages. Each horse is judged individually in the first three, and in the last stage, all of youngstock must appear together. The individual is compared against the ‘ideal’ equine construction for the breed. All stages are compulsory for all youngstock, and their assessments will count towards the progeny assessment of the sires. The young horses are assesssed on: type, frame, conformation, movement, and general impression.


STAGE 1 – Assessment of Conformation enables the judge to assess the overall conformation and appearance of the animal. The foals will be shown with their dams if possible; the dams of older youngstock may also be presented at the request of the stallion owner.
STAGE 2 – Walk in Hand allows the judge to assess the straightness and correctness of the animal’s walk.
 – Trot and Canter at Liberty enables the judge to check the straightness, correctness, elevation, and elasticity of the animal’s trot and canter.
 – The Final Critique is an overall assessment and critique of the foal’s marks and performance at the inspection that enables the judge to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the animal’s sire as a source of the element being judged in that step. The task of the judge is to apply strict parameters and criteria equally to every entry in an unbiased way. That’s why the ‘pretty’ horse does not always win. The sport horse/association judges are trained to look beneath the surface at horses’ correctness and quality. We were pleased at the results in various states of the 2006 & 2005 AWR Inspection Tour by the comments of judges. In all instances where a mare was presented with the resulting foal by Indian Artifacts, it was determined that the stallion improved any weak conformation/movement points of the mare!

Indianized; Indian Artifacts X
Wise Investment (OLD)

This stunning 2006 Chestnut filly, Indianized; Indian Artifacts X Wise Investment (OLD) by Wall Street Kid (HAN) scored a solid 7.7 and earned the highest score of the day and Inspection Champion status. Comments included neck correct length and well set on good topline. Leggy and correct all around. Travels correctly with good overstep. Movement of foal improvement over dam; is more uphill and rhythmic.

Indycisive; Indian Artifacts X
SPS Wahre Liebe (OLD)

The 2006 Chestnut filly, Indycisive; Indian Artifacts X SPS Wahre Liebe (OLD) by Welt Hit II (OLD) scored well. A 7.6, and earned Reserve Champion Inspection status. Comments regarding this lovely sporthorse filly included; elegant! Good topline, lots of room in the throatlatch, a leggy filly with good proportions and good overstep and suspension.

Indian Artbeat

Marie Hoffman of Illinois, writes us “Just a note to let you know that Indian Artbeat passed his AWR stallion inspection with a 7.2 for his free jumping, they said he has wonderful classic hunter form and was very careful. Further, the judges commented on his exceptionally quiet demeanor, willing attitude and wonderful temperament.”


Amy Brandt of California, had her gorgeous gray mare; Reminicient, inspected for registration by the AWR earning Inspection Championship status in 2005 for her 2004 filly! NOTE: For more information on the American Warmblood Registry please visit the association website at: www.AmericanWarmblood.com.