Quality Mare Care, the "Secret" Ingredient to Healthy Foals!

We LOVE our girls! DeGraff Stables is committed to providing the best foal possible into the many markets that our offspring compete in. In order to do this, it is our belief that proper development of the foal begins with providing the best of care to the mare that will carry the foal.
We provide a facility that is a clean, safe environment and is conducive to not only their health and well-being, but to their overall attitude of contentment so they pass it on to the foals that they raise.  Our staff is well trained and has many years of hands-on experience.  Monitoring and handling the mares and their foals on a daily basis prepares our offspring for a lifetime of good service to their next owner.
With 42 acres of paddocks and pastures, we are able to keep the mares and foals as nature intended; outdoors as much as possible.  And, when mother nature does not Jenna Bringing Mare in For 4pm Feeding cooperate, we have barns with a young horse section and indoor arena turn out to accommodate them. Another advantage of the farm paddock and pasture set up is the fact that mares are able to be observed and rated as to temperament and suitability for compatibility with other mares. They may be turned out individually, or, co-located with mares that are matched for temperament. Aggressive and passive mares are able to be separated so that each will thrive.

The mares get plenty of sunshine, grass and exercise. At DeGraff Stables, it is our opinion that daily Mares Enjoying Their Day turnout is a significant aspect to superior growth and development of the embyro the mare is carrying as well as for the foal that is by her side.