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DeGraff Stables has partnered with ADM Alliance Nutrition and has achieved astounding results that has been proven and substantiated with each crop of foals.  We fully subscribe to their forage-first philosophy, mineral supplementation, and balanced-ration premium feed products.  In our opinion, what sets ADM apart from the other equine nutrition companies we have worked with in the past, is their proprietary ingredients and the  source of the nutrients in their products.


When determining a mare's individual feed program, we take into account, her age, weight and heritage. IAn Older Mare is Closely Monitored During Lactationdeally, we monitor the mare's so that they maintain a body score between "5" and "7".  This requires constant surveillance as the mare has changing needs through her 11-month pregnancy.  Their diet consists of 12%-14% protein, the proper ratio of calcium and phosphorus and adequate amounts of vitamins, trace minerals copper, zinc and manganese to ensure optimal bone development in the fetus.

During the last trimester, we begin implementing a slowly rising plane of nutrition. Once she foals, as the average mare can produce up to 3% of her body weight in milk per day, and because of the substantial output, we again implement a rising plane of nutrition to support her increasing milk production.  We feed by weight, not volume, according to the manufacturer's recommendation and our feedings are spaced throughout the day in small increments.  Feeding times are 7:30 am, 4:00pm and 10:00pm.  Lactating mares receive additional rations at noon daily.  For more information Click Here for ADM recommended practices and products for broodmare nutrition.

Mares With Thoroughbred Heritage Usually Require Larger RationsAs we are convinced that vitamins and minerals are critical to proper embyrionic development and further for development of the foal when born, all mares and foals additionally have free access to Vitamin-Protein-Mineral tubs as located in each paddock near their water source.  Click Here for technical information from ADM regarding classification and safely feeding vitamins and minerals.


     ADM Recommended Practices for Feeding Broodmares

    ADM Recommendations for Safely Feeding Vitamins & Minerals

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