We are very excited that the offspring of Indian Artifacts lend themselves to become competitive in the sport of dressage. Their willingness to learn and easy going manner make them a pleasure to work. Their gaits are big-strided, but not so extreme as to become uncomfortable or difficult to ride. The foals by Indian Artifacts excel at performing pattern work. Tall and elegant, they profile well going down the rail or riding through the corners; all the time maintaining composure when starting, stopping or turning.


AQHA has begun the process to recognize Dressage as an AQHA event. It is in a trial period at this time. The quarter horse or appendix quarter horse is eligible to compete in regular Dressage competitions and report their scores to AQHA. We look forward to the success of this event and thank Lynn Palm, riding Indian Harvest by Indian Artifacts (leading AQHA in 2005) for her efforts to promote this great event of continual learning.