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Foal Incentives for HBF Iron Man Offspring

The foals by HBF IRON MAN are eligible for registration as an American Quarter Horse, as an American Paint Horse, and, as an Appaloosa when bred to an ApHC registered mare. Note: the foal as a result of breeding a Quarter Horse mare, an Appendix Quarter Horse mare and/or a Thoroughbred mare to HBF IRON MAN are eligible for dual AQHA and APHA registration; regardless of color of the foal. Excitingly, HBF IRON MAN offers an Acceptible Foal Color Guarantee, you may return your foal if you are not satisfied! The HBF IRON MAN foals are eligible for the AQHA Incentive Fund, the APHA Breeders Trust, the NSBA Stallion Incentive Fund and the NSBA Breeders Championship Futurity, the Kentucky QHA Breeders Incentive Fund and the Kentucky PHC Incentive Fund. His stud fee has been donated to make his foals eligible to show in the Tom Powers Futurity, the Southern Belle Futurity and a host of others. Following is a complete list of all of the programs your HBF IRON MAN foal is eligible for as a result of breeding in 2011:

2011 HBF Iron Man Incentives List of Foal Program Eligibility

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 APHA Breeders Trust Program

 AQHA Incentive Fund

 Kentucky Paint Horse Breeders Incentive Program

 Kentucky Quarter Horse Breeders Incentive Fund

 NSBA Stallion Incentive Fund

 HBF Iron Man Acceptible Foal Guarantee

 Audrey Grace Donation

 Central California PHC & Western Paint World Breeders Challenge

 Eastern Ohio quarter Horse Association Futurity

 Hunt Seat Donation

 Michigan Quarter Horse Association

 Northern Ohio Quarter Horse Association Futurity

 NSBA Breeders Championship Futurity

 Ohio Paint Horse Club Futurity

 Ohio Quarter Horse Association Incentive Fund Bonus

 Oregon PHC/Triple Crown Futurity

 Southern Belle Futurity

 Southern Ohio Quarter Horse Association Futurity

 Tom Powers Futurity

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Contract-HBFAcceptibleFoalGuarantee Contract-HBFAcceptibleFoalGuarantee (64 KB)

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