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  1. What has he won? Indian Artifacts is a proven performer. In addition to the numerous futurities and circuit awards won, Indian Artifacts has competed and won the highest awards in both his breeds; he is an AQHA World Champion in Junior Hunter Under Saddle and an AWR Site Inspection Champion with a First Premium Rating and a Full Breeding License. He is the ONLY breeding stallion today that holds both of these honors.
  2. What is the importance of the AWR Inspection and Rating? The American Warmblood Registry conducts annual inspections for grading and branding the horses it registers. Each horse is compared against the breed ideal. He/She must be inspected in-hand for conformation, at liberty for presence and additionally performance tested. Stallions are not issued a Full Breeding License unless they are able to meet certain criteria as judged by the inspection process. Additionally, no stallion is issued a Breeding License without receiving a First Premium Rating. It is considered that the stallion must be able to improve the breed, thus the First Premium Rating requirements were established.
  3. Additionally, his foals must be inspected in order to be registered with the AWR. All foals by Indian Artifacts that have been submitted for inspection have earned First Premium status or above. Many have outscored their dam. This is important, as it means that the foal was improved as a result of breeding the mare to Indian Artifacts.

  4. What have his foals won? Most notably in Quarter Horse venues, he has sired the Quarter Horse Congress Hunter Longe Line Winner 2 out of 3 years. In 2003; Indyannafax and in 2005; Infactuation whom tied for first and actually has the Reserve Champion title. Jaks Artifacts at the 2004 AQHA World Show was 4th in the Jr Hunter Under Saddle class. He has multiple Appaloosa World Champions, in Youth Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Longe Line and In-Hand. He additionally boasts Champion Paints, NSBA and NSBA Breeders Championship Futurity, Just For Pleasure Futurity and Tom Powers Futurity winners. He has several Superior and ROM earners in Hunter Under Saddle and Over Fence classes.
  5. He has several winners in the Hunter Breeding divisions of the International Hunter Futurity. These were shown at the East Coast, Mid-West and West Coast Regionals. He has winners; including Reminicient who won in USDF Breeding Classes and boasts several in the Top 20 Nationally. As this young sire now has foals entering the under saddle classes we eagerly anticipate their ability to be competitive in the show arena.

  6. What is his disposition like? And what is the disposition of his foals? We often tease that Indian Artifacts has us all very well trained here at DeGraff Stables. He acts like an old broke gelding in his daily routines here at the farm. We love that attitude and treat him generously with carrots in his bucket, especially when he 'asks' for them with his "I need a carrot look"! His foals all seem to have the same laid back personality of their sire. Many trainers tell us how much they enjoy the Indian Artifacts foal's and their easy going temperaments and keen intelligence.
  7. What are the characteristics of the foals and their movement? Along with their good character, we see these foals exhibit plenty of height, bone and substance. They also have the good feet of their sire; round and with plenty of heel. The type of movement is long-strided and slow legged. He himself was never shown with shoes on behind to keep him from over-reaching at the trot. Indian Artifacts is incredibly strong behind, and this trait is being passed along to his get. It is evidenced by their cadenced trot and strong, steady canter.
  8. What do his foals look like? When asked this question, we always tell people who are considering breeding to Indian Artifacts, that if you like your mare, and if you like Indian Artifacts, that you should love your foal. Most foals exhibit the characteristics of both the sire and the dam. They are gorgeous headed, long necked, have a great topline and are very correct in their shoulder and leg angles.
  9. Indian Artifacts is 17.2 Hands, what size can I expect my foal to mature at? Many foals are the same height as their dam by end of their yearling year. We usually anticipate that Indian Artifacts will add a hand in height to the dam's height.
  10. What programs will my foal be eligible for? In our opinion, Indian Artifacts and his offspring are represented in a host of venues that set him apart from most other sire's and their breeding programs. For each of the venues that Indian Artifacts has foals competing in, you will find futurities or incentives in which they are eligible to compete. We support the AQHA, the APHA, the NSBA, the AWR, the IHF, the USDF and a host of other programs including the $30,000 Indian Artifacts Incentive Fund.
  11. What is the Indian Artifacts $30,000 Incentive Fund? DeGraff Stables will pay out two big incentives: $20,000 to the first horse that wins the 3 YO Hunter Under Saddle Futurity at Congress, or the Junior Hunter Under Saddle at the AQHA World Show! $10,000 will be paid to the first AQHA Superhorse!
  12. My mare is a Paint, what about programs for "Colored" foals? The foals by Indian Artifacts have great opportunities to show in colored venues. Indian Artifacts is fully paid into the APHA Breeders Trust. Although he maintains an excellent color percentage, a HUGE benefit for the mare owners who breed to him is the American Warmblood Registry (AWR). All foals, whether they have color or not, are eligible for the dual registration; that of their color breed, i.e. Paint, Appaloosa, Palomino, Buckskin, etc. and that of the AWR. Any foals that qualify for registry in the APHA, ApHA, Palomino, Buckskin etc. type associations can additionally compete for the money added purses at the NSBA, the NSBA Breeders Championship Futurity, the Just For Pleasure Program, the Tom Powers Futurity, the Southern Belle Futurity, plus a number of state Paint Association programs. Please check the website for a complete listing.
  13. What about any genetic testing of Indian Artifacts? Indian Artifacts has been tested and found to be NEGATIVE for EVA, NEGATIVE for GBED and NEGATIVE for HYPP, he is N/N.
  14. I want to market/sell my Indian Artifacts foal, can you help me? Yes! We provide constant advertising and promotion of Indian Artifacts AND his offspring. We advertise in Quarter Horse, NSBA, Hunter/Jumper and USDF publications. Through our advertising we hope that we have helped create a desire, thus develop a market for his foals. You are welcome to list your foal for sale on our website in the Foal Showcase. Prospective buyers will contact you directly.
  15. We couldn't stop at 13 reasons! Why else should I breed to Indian Artifacts? When you compare all the facts regarding his ability to perform, his ability to pass along his desirable characteristics and couple this with the world class marketing and promotion for his offspring, in our opinion, he offers a "World" of opportunities and value when comparing other stallions for your breeding program.

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