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DeGraff Stables - Member of the AQHA 4aHorse Breeder Referral Program

In the business of breeding and raising quality prospects since 1985, DeGraff Stables is a member of the American Quarter Horse Association's Breeder Referral Program, a part of 4aHorse program.  This program brings AQHA breeders together with prospective clients looking for all ranges of services from breeding, mare care and foaling to the sale of conditioned horses. 
  • The Program

    The Breeder Referral Program was developed at the request of the membership and is overseen by a committee of members who are all American Quarter Horse breeders. More than 100 AQHA breeders were contacted during the development of this program to provide ideas on how AQHA can best help promote breeders and their services to interested customers.

  • AQHA receives thousands of calls each day from members and nonmembers seeking information about the American Quarter Horse and Association programs. With the Breeder Referral Program, AQHA will be able to direct people looking for horses, foals and breeding opportunities to breeders who can meet their needs.

  • To Breeders

    As AQHA breeders, you affect the entire American Quarter Horse industry when you make decisions on broodmare and stallion selections. Your integrity combined with your dealings with customers and other AQHA members set the standard for the entire industry's reputation. By joining the Breeder Referral Program, you pledge to abide by a Code of Ethics that will promote the image of the American Quarter Horse and instill a level of confidence in the industry. Of course, upholding high standards also means participating in programs offered by AQHA that enhance a growing industry. If you have not already, we invite you to enroll your horses into AQHA's Incentive Fund or the MBNA America Quarter Horse Racing Challenge.

For more information regarding this program please contact AQHA at the following website link:


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