Health - We Are Constantly Vigilant

Each foal is set up in the computer with ‘triggers’ that have been pre-determined as important to the foal’s health. As each procedure is completed, they become part of the foal’s permanent health record. Each foal is seen for the first time by the blacksmith at 3 weeks of age and the frequency of trimmings are determined, usually every 4 to 5 weeks. The importance of hoof care during the foal’s first year cannot be overemphasized.  A proper trimming program helps determine the future shape and structures of the foal’s foot.  Trimming also influences the alignment of the entire limb.  The whole limb is evaluated, not just the foot.  

The first deworming occurs at 45 days and the rotational deworming schedule is set.  Fecals are spot checked through thePasture and Exercise is Critical for Healthy Foal Growth year to determine the efficiency of the deworming program.Our equine dentist views each foal prior to 6 months of age for any abnormalities. It is then scheduled annually for maintence. 

Each dam is vaccinated to provide maxium protection prior to birth. The foal’s own vaccination schedule for the two years are based on it’s actual birth date. A DeGraff Stables vaccinated foal has the complete series of vaccinations for primary and boosters as required for: West Nile Virus, Infulenza, Botulism, Rotavirus A, Easter, Western and Venezuelan Enchphalomyelitis, Tetanus, EHV-1 & EHV-4 Rhinopneumonitis, Rabies, Potomac Horse Fever and Strep. equi-Strangles.